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The Centre Visuel Saguenay specializes in eye exams by qualified optometrists, offers a wide range of eyewear products for men and women. Being part of the largest network of optometrists in Canada allows us to make you benefit from:

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Complete Glasses

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- Many eyewear items: eyeglasses, sunglasses, eyeglass frames
- Affordable and competitive prices on glasses in Saguenay
- State-of-the-art equipment for eye exams and contact lenses
- A team of optometrists and opticians specialized in eye health
- Rigorous monitoring of your record in the optometry clinic

We offer eyecare adapted to your eye. Our team of opticians will help you to find the trendy pair of glasses that suits you in our Centre Visuel Saguenay.

Consult our optometrists at the Centre Visuel Saguenay for any of the following reasons:

- An eye exam
- Adjustments for contact lenses
- Contact lenses and spectacle frames
- Prescription glasses by our optometrists
- Sunglasses
- Laser surgery

Make an appointment at our Centre Visuel Saguenay and get a range of quality products and eye exams from qualified optometrists in Saguenay.



Marc Girard

Dr Marc Girard

Catherine Lalancette

Dre Catherine Lalancette

Marc-Antoine Marchand-T.

Dr Marc-Antoine Marchand-T.


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